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Attorneys with Experience in Tractor Trailer Accidents

Victims of tractor-trailer accidents in Georgia have the added difficulty of a different set of legal issues than a typical auto accident. Many factors go into consideration during these cases, including traffic flow interruption, unfamiliarity with the roadway, and fatigue. The attorneys at Taps & Associates have handled many of these cases, and we understand the ins and outs of dealing with the drivers and trucking companies. Our experience and high success rate are built on in-depth expertise and attention to detail when you’ve been struck by a commercial truck. We’ll help you navigate the process to collect your rightful compensation.


Tools Needed for a Truck Accident Case

Taking legal action in a truck accident case requires many legal tools, all of which are available from the attorneys at Taps & Associates. We offer exceptional expertise and resources to get you fair compensation, including the following:

Years of Experience in Truck Accident Cases

Our attorneys have years of experience handling truck accidents, and we know the differentiating factors and avenues to pursue the drivers or trucking companies and the insurance companies so that you can recover payment. For instance, because many cases involve the tractor is owned separately from the trailer, there may be two companies we can hold liable for your injuries.

Conducting a Thorough Fact-Finding Mission

Your case’s success may be contingent on finding the accident’s precise cause for which the defendant is liable. The cause may be due to negligent truck maintenance, driver error, or other potential factors. Our attorneys examine the trucking logs, inspections records, maintenance records, driver certifications, and any other information that may hold the appropriate party at fault.

Identifying All Lines of Insurance Coverage

Truck accident cases can become fairly complicated because of multiple lines of insurance coverage. One insurance company might cover the tractor while another is responsible for the trailer. We can pursue both parties to collect compensation for your injuries that resulted from an accident, which may require extensive investigation and testimony from multiple expert witnesses.

Resources to Handle Tractor Trailer Accidents

Proving a complicated case, as a tractor-trailer accident, can be costly and expert-laden as we pursue your compensation. Proving parts failure, driver negligence, and other cause of an accident may require expert witnesses. We have a network of investigators and witnesses, thanks to our history of handling these cases.

Contact Us for Legal Counsel in Georgia

Make sure your case has the best chance of winning compensation for your injuries by reaching out to Taps & Associates. Contact our office today to speak with one of our attorneys about your tractor-trailer accident.

Let Our Attorneys Get You Compensation