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Attorneys for Georgia’s Negligent Security Cases

When security at a venue, residence, or place of business fails to protect you due to negligence, you could be the victim of violence and left with injuries. It’s become far too common for violent acts to happen in public places, which calls for attentive security personnel to respond appropriately to handle these situations. While at work, shopping, attending classes, and whenever you leave home, your safety should be of the utmost concern for business owners and property managers. The security they have in place has a responsibility to protect the patrons and visitors, but when that personnel forgoes their duty, they should be held liable for the violent acts they ignore or mishandle. Taps & Associates is aware of the risk of negligent security in Metro Atlanta and throughout Georgia. The number of cases people have filed because of negligent security is becoming more common. These lawsuits seek justice that holds property owners accountable when they fail to hire adequate security staff, and their failure results in people getting injured. Our law firm has an in-depth understanding of these claims and the complexities that accompany them, and our attorneys will help you recover compensation for your injuries after an attack.

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Understanding What Constitutes Negligent Security

At Taps & Associates, our lawyers are well-versed in negligent security cases and the tragic pain and suffering that people must endure from an attack. A common definition of negligent security is failing to protect people from violence in a public space, which is also referred to as security negligence or inadequate security. From parks and malls to clubs and sports stadiums, the property owners must secure their property to protect visitors from public violence. If the owners fail to carry this out, they may be subject to negligent security claims. Visitors who suffer an injury from an attack or other crime on the premises have the legal right to seek damages, which our attorneys are happy to help clients pursue. Proving negligence depends on various factors, such as if a business could foresee a crime and whether they could have prevented it by taking action.

Examples of Negligent Security

The following are examples of negligent security in which you may hold a property owner liable:

  • Attacks at places like apartment complexes and parking garages
  • Injuries you sustain at malls, concerts, and other business establishments
  • Sexual assaults in apartment complexes and condominiums
  • Stabbings on public transportation methods like trains and subways
  • Club shooting in the parking lot and inside the venue

Let Taps & Associates Help You Seek Justice

If you’ve been injured in an attack or any crime in a shopping mall, stadium, or another public place, and it’s due to negligent security, Taps & Associates will help you collect compensation. We have ample experience and in-depth expertise in these types of cases, so contact us today to discuss your claim with one of our attorneys.

Let Our Attorneys Get You Compensation