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Car accidents are complicated and traumatic. They can cause lasting trauma for the people involved, especially in the case of a rollover crash. Worse, when a vehicle rolls over during an accident, the result can be serious injury or even death. Nearly one percent of crashes result in a rollover, and rollovers account for almost a third of accident-related deaths. What causes rollover crashes, and how can you make sure you’re not involved in one?

  • The most common reason that rollover accidents happen is that the driver loses control of the vehicle. It could be that the driver fell asleep at the wheel or was under the influence of alcohol when this loss of control occurred. In fact, nearly half of all fatal rollover crashes involve alcohol. However, losing control of the car can also be the result of distracted driving or striking an obstruction in the highway.
  • Speeding increases the likelihood of fatality in a rollover crash. In fact, 40 percent of fatal rollover crashes involve excessive speeding.
  • Aggressive driving maneuvers can result in a vehicle rolling over. Driver behavior is a major factor in rollover crashes. This could be failing to execute routine driving maneuvers, but often it’s risky behavior. Moves like swerving or turning at the high rate of speed can cause friction between the tires and the surface of the road, which causes the vehicle to tip and flip over.
  • Some vehicles are more likely to roll than others. Taller, narrower vehicles are more susceptible to rollover because they have higher centers of gravity. This can often result in single-vehicle crashes. Single-vehicle accidents account for nearly 85 percent of rollover crashes, and while taller vehicles are most likely to roll, it can happen to any vehicle.

How can you prevent a rollover accident? Take safety precautions to reduce your chances of an accident. Stay sober, remain in control of your vehicle, and stay focused and alert. Familiarize yourself with your vehicle, and always wear your seatbelt. Be particularly alert on country roads, and never overload your vehicle, because this can cause a loss of stability.

If you are in a rollover crash, stay calm. Take a moment to assess yourself and check on any passengers. Exit the vehicle if possible, so that you can evaluate the situation and survey the damage. Then call 911 and request emergency assistance, even if you’re not exactly sure what happened or where you are.

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