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Many car accident survivors wonder if they should go to the ER. If you are severely injured in the crash, you may fall unconscious at the scene and wake up in the hospital. When this happens, it means first responders have made the decision for you. Otherwise, if, when, and where you seek medical treatment for a car accident injury is up to you.

Reasons to Visit the ER After a Car Crash

Sometimes, the emergency room is the best place to go. Consider when this may be the right choice:

  • You have car accident injuries that require emergency care. You should immediately address any life-threatening problems at the ER, including spinal cord injuries, broken bones, excessive bleeding, and internal injuries.
  • The car accident occurs far from home. Without access to your regular doctor, the emergency room may be the fastest way to get the care you need, even if your injuries aren’t life-threatening.
  • You don’t have health insurance. Emergency rooms are obligated to treat any patient that needs care, regardless of insurance coverage.

Other Medical Treatment Options

The emergency room is not the only option for receiving medical care after a car accident. In fact, the ER is designed to treat severe injuries and stabilize patients in life-threatening situations. Even if you don’t go to the emergency room, it’s still important to get proper medical care—not just for your health but to substantiate any car accident claim you might file in the future.

Don’t be surprised if you feel no pain right away. Your brain produces endorphins and adrenaline during the traumatic event, which may mask any discomfort until your body and mind have a chance to recover from the stress. This means you should continue to watch for symptoms to appear hours, days, or even weeks after the accident.

If you feel anything at all—a sore neck, headaches, dizziness—seek medical treatment. Don’t assume the injury will clear up on its own. Here are some options besides the ER:

  • Primary care doctor: Call your regular physician and describe your symptoms. This may be the perfect place to get checked out.
  • Urgent care: This type of clinic is like a step-down emergency room capable of handling urgent yet non-life-threatening problems. If this describes your situation, feel free to stop in with no need for an appointment.
  • Chiropractor: If your primary complaint is whiplash, back pain, or another musculoskeletal issue, a chiropractor might be the best type of doctor to visit.

No matter where you seek medical care after a car crash, retain documentation of your visits, the doctor’s orders, and all the associated costs. Taps & Associates can help you seek reimbursement for your pain, suffering, and medical bills if you choose to file a claim. We have years of experience representing cases like yours, and we’ll do everything we can to help you achieve the best possible outcome. Contact us online or call 404-492-8746 to request your free consultation today.

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